Probably because I’m a survivor of a rough life, poor choices, and many adversities; things I had to overcome to change my circumstances, move on and get better.  I can’t think of any other reason why I thought of this title other than it pertains to me.

I have great admiration for anyone who has survived adversity and won….man or woman, if you’ve survived hardships, and kept on going, you’re on my list of admirable people, and that’s because I know a little something about it.

People ask why admire someone like Trump.  I’ll tell you why.  Granted he had some privileges….so what?  Who cares…..he still had to do all the work, endure all the blowback, fight for what he wanted, work his ass off for all of it, and he came out on top.  Admirable indeed.

He works at a furious pace, and at his age I’m rather mystified at how he actually does that.  Wow.

I’ve often imagined what it was like for him dealing with the mean streets of New York City, the politicians, the blowhards, the shysters, the pimps, the crime, the pay offs, on and on and on.

If anyone doesn’t value that experience, they’re just not THINKING.  He’s tough, he’s seasoned, and I’ll eat my hat if he doesn’t make this country fabulous again—-he’s a true leader, and America needs that right now more than anything else.  Obama played and played.  I will never believe he ‘worked’ at all, otherwise there wouldn’t be so damn much for President Trump to do.

Most of all he loves America, and that’s good enough for me.

Case closed.