Everyone has a right to their opinion here in America.  Even though everything today is biased and Communist, people’s right to their own opinions will prevail, one way or another.

Looking at the man himself, Barack Obama was weak in every respect.  Mainly, very weak for not being an original thinker, a person who gathers their own information then uses it to form their own opinions, this guy was a follower…..let me explain…..

None of us will ever know what he did in school, for he spent millions locking down all his secret documents about his life, period…..goes to show he has much to hide from the American people.

On top of that, we saw that he followed a vicious anti-American preacher for over 20 years, then when asked about it, tried to slip out of it and lie some more. 

Then we heard that he was good friends with Bill Ayers, a violent activist who bombed public buildings and got away with it.  Just another CULT, that’s all, all these ridiculous groups of people running around causing harm to other people, all just CULTS and malcontents.

Barack Obama followed.

FOLLOWED.  He never LED anything.

Funny thing about these cult follower types is that they are all in it for themselves.  They create an atmosphere where they make people believe it’s for their CAUSE, when realistically it’s for their bank account—–they are all losers.


Hippie terrorists reincarnated
40 years later, former leaders of the Weather Underground cave to capitalism, adopt life of affluence


READ THE ARTICLE, you’ll be amazed to find out that Bill Ayers was in it for the money all along, because as he aged he realized that capitalism really wasn’t that bad.  Hey, I looked up his children, looks like they’re attending Ivy league schools……oh Lord, who would have known old Bill would send his children to such ELITE establishments of capitalism……..not his followers, that’s for sure.  Same thing for Barack Obama…..in it for the moolah, no doubts at all.

SO, next time you’re tempted to join a cult, such as the cult of Oprah or the cult of Democrats, think twice and realize that they’re all in for themselves, and you’ve being PLAYED like a fiddle.ALL CULT LEADERS ARE IN IT FOR YOUR MONEY, ONCE THEY GET IT, THEY ARE GONE BABY GONE.

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