Yes, it’s for real, your local veterinarian is retiring and the entire business is being sold to a large diagnostics company from the west coast.

It’s happening all over America.  I wanted to write about this because of the shock value it had for us when taking our cat to our local vet for his yearly exam.

The service and knowledge of the vet was fabulous as usual, but after we were handed an estimated bill for close to a thousand bucks, we started to question what was going on there.

We ended up opting for just a few tests, the important ones, and when I got home I started researching what on earth happened to this local vet practice we had been patrons of for decades.

The answer was simple.  The vet who founded the business sold out to a large corporation that expanded the business, added more services, and basically started pushing clients for the expensive part of the visit…..DIAGNOSTICS, or in other words, blood work evaluation.

Yes, the information I found was saddening.  Our local vet was now a Wallstreet corporation that one could purchase stock in.  And after reading the information on this huge company which is now spreading nationwide gobbling up retiring vets practices, I realized that this was the FUTURE I was looking at.  There would be no more local vets who truly love animals and dedicate their lives to their practice with that in mind, but now the money and greed would take over.  When I read the part about how families were willing to spend enormous sums of money on their pets for diagnostics and care, I realized that the proverbial Wallstreet monster corporation had found itself a cash cow it was going to MILK for everything it could get from pet lovers.

As usual, nothing can be done to return to the good old days, just as nothing can be done for the healthcare industry itself for humans to return to a time when people ‘cared’ about their professions, and truly dedicated themselves to what they loved.

Now, I am not saying the vet who serviced us that day was not dedicated.  He was, as I said, knowledgeable and sincere, but was QUICK to dispense the diagnostics estimated bill and then trying to SELL IT like a used car salesman does…..that part was rather sad, and was what prompted me to go home and research the new name on the building.

It was quite obvious that they were pushing DIAGNOSTICS, and that was because they are a DIAGNOSTICS business, not a local vet business anymore.

We can all now look forward to Wallstreet diagnosing our beloved pets, and paying dearly for their services so they can show profits for their stockholders.

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