Leading up to the November ’08 election, my friend Andy and I were constantly on the phone discussing what we thought of Obama, we were also emailing every single day, and these emails were brutal, we had nothing good to say about him, mostly that we thought he was a Manchurian candidate placed in the U.S. by some foreign government trying to overthrow the U.S., and of course we were also paranoid about the fact that we both thought he was a Muslim, and that he was lying about everything in his background—-neither one of us understood why the F.B.I. was not vetting this character, and from that we concluded that the entire government was corrupt, including all the law enforcement entities such as the F.B.I., the C.I.A., and so forth….and we talked and emailed about it vigorously daily.

I never though this but now I realize that IF ANYONE was listening to Andy and I screaming, yelling, and getting very emotional over what we thought was a massive MISTAKE for America….well, sure, they’d be suspicious as to our ‘intentions’ I’m sure..

So here’s where it starts to get weird.  My neighbor Cindy was trying to sell her house so she could retire.  She stopped over one afternoon to tell me that shortly after she placed the ad to sell the house on her own, a man pulled into her driveway and asked her if she’d be willing to rent it for one year.  She thought it was a miracle from God that this man, who happened to work for the F.B.I. Department of Homeland Security was about to rent her house for the next year, which gave Cindy time to decide whether she was going to stay in Pittsburgh or move to Charleston South Carolina.  She was happy as a clam that this ‘coincidence’ took place for her in her time of need.

I didn’t give it a second thought, as both of us were ‘spiritual’ women, we immediately thought it was a ‘gift’ sent by God to relieve her of her current stress.

So the F.B.I. guy, his wife and two kids moved in, Hubs and I introduced ourselves, and occasionally saw the couple walking through our yard in order to get to the street where people could actually jog; as Cindy’s house was on a steep hill and there was no walking area available.  So if the people on the street wanted to walk or jog, our yard was the path over to the next street.  We rarely saw them though, he went to work daily, and the wife stayed home with the children.

Summer went by, and I believe it was in the fall of ’09 that the F.B.I. guy’s wife called and spoke to my husband about borrowing his ‘laptop’ computer.  She explained that she worked from home, and that something was wrong with her desktop computer and she urgently had to transfer important documents before the end of the day.  Of course Hubs immediately said SURE, and handed over his laptop for her to use.

She returned the laptop at the end of the day and neither one of us thought anything of it.  Why would we?


It was either January or February of ’09, weather channel was predicting a huge snowstorm.  Hubs was off work, and I was trying to get to the store—-snow had already started, and by the time I was returning from the store the roads were covered with several inches of snow, and so was our long driveway.  Hubs had been out somewhere too, and had returned home about ten minutes before I started down the snow-covered driveway.

I saw the garage door was wide open and Hubs was standing there with his .45 in his hands.  This scared the hell out of me, wondering what on earth was going on, then I noticed the man-door in the garage had busted glass all over the floor, and Hubs yelled “Call the cops”, which I did immediately.

Our local police came quickly, cleared the house with several officers, then noticed that the person who had broken into the house came down the driveway, walked all the way down the road in front of our house, skipped several other houses to come to ours……strange huh?  We were targeted, obviously, but the police said that there had been several robberies in the area recently and it was “probably kids looking for cash or jewelry”, that was the M.O.

Our local police did a superb job, they even dusted for prints, but we found nothing missing at all, even though the house had been rifled and drawers were left open.  My theory is the spies were looking for an arsenal of weapons so they could proclaim us dangerous domestic terrorists.  After all, Andy and Bev sounded like dangerously crazed people with their Obama-rants;-)

Now you can take this story however you like.  The more I thought about all the coincidences the more I realized we were spied on, and no one will ever convince ME otherwise.

Hubs is the perpetual SKEPTIC, and still says NO WAY.

After I heard all the latest information coming out about Obama being a paranoid freakazoid, obsessed with spying on American citizens, listening in on their conversations,etc., I knew this story was spying.  I think Obama for his entire life has been a paranoid schizo combined with many other ‘disorders’ over race and who knows what else, but it’s sad to me, that the American people fell for this whack job over and over…..quite obviously the guy is mentally ill and should be in therapy.

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