Real people have had their intelligence insulted every single day by liberals.  The fake news media, the academic know-betters, the Hollywood elitists, on and on and on.

Since they’re all LEGENDS IN THEIR OWN MINDS, none have taken the time to understand the massive appeal someone like Donald Trump has with real people, and by real people I mean people who aren’t working for puppet masters like NBC news, etc.  Somehow these puppets actually believe that what they say is being swallowed by the masses, and maybe it was before, but not anymore.  People have wised up, people are aware of these puppets who are programmed well in advance of anything they say on the nightly news, and have tuned them out.

Jesse James explains why Trump has such massive appeal to Americans..


Now I’m supposed to be impressed with David Muir nightly news on ABC.  Sure, I listen for the earthquake stories, but when it comes to this puppet talking about President Trump, he tends to elaborate greatly, and in extreme condescending tones…..hey David, you are not on my list of ‘most admired’ people, because realistically all you do is READ from a teleprompter like Obama did.  No, I’m not impressed.

The other night following the constant nagging from liberal media about Trump apologizing for accusing Obama of wiretapping, David Muir must have had an orgasm when he announced “He said he heard it on Fox’…..ooooo, brilliant, David.  Liberals are forever trying to pigeonhole Trump as stupid, illiterate and uneducated.  And in the meantime I’m supposed to be impressed with fake news puppets like David Muir who has literally done NOTHING but read from a teleprompter.

Ok, well, David talks very nice, and he’s a cute kid.  Whoop whoop, his mom is probably proud, I’ll give him that.

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