Just finished reading a blog article exposing the real facts about Barack Obama, his church in Chicago, the bath houses, the DOWN LOW club that his minister ran under cover, and the whole enchilada…

The article mentions how ‘straight’ people really are naïve, unaware of the con job, unaware of the truth, or they simply refuse to believe it.  I think Americans ARE waking up though, since Obama conned us, and I am kind of happy he did, because the people are AWAKE, or maybe just MORE awake now.

I remember when this story first came out shortly before the 2008 election season, and how Americans refused to believe it, calling it ‘conspiracy’.

What they didn’t know then, AND what they still don’t know is that liberals are full of ‘bullshit’ stories and would go to any length to deceive anyone on the right about their crimes…..they are professional con artists, shysters, snake oil salesmen and the like..

And there are two types of people in this world.  The street smart and the innocent.  Most Americans are innocent in that they believe in people, trust people, and throw caution to the wind.  In other words they go with the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT routine.  For liberals, who are the con artists of this world, the naïve are sitting ducks.

I knew who Barack Obama was the first time he opened his trap, then after reading the so-called conspiracy stories, I seriously KNEW who he was.  It wasn’t difficult to figure it out.

I strongly suspect that Americans did sense the hatred in Michelle Obama the first she opened HER trap, but being mostly innocent, did not want to believe how evil this woman truly was—–now I think they know.


I wrote this article a few years back anonymously for my friend Henry.  I was steamed up about our local ignorant non-street-smart news people giggling every time the damn furries came to town because I knew damn well who they REALLY were.  After seeing local parents of innocent children giggling about it, I had to expose what was really going on.

People simply do not want to believe that there are perverts waiting for their children.  I mean, it’s epidemic right now—-believe me, I know that Pizzagate is real, and I await the Podesta Brothers to hit the headlines some bright day…’s all very real.  If you want to go on thinking its’ conspiracy, do it.

I pray to God nothing happens to your children.

I think Americans are coming around to not being so trusting, and I thank Barack Obama for that one.  Most Americans now know he conned them, he used them, and he abused them, of that I am sure of.  There are still the stragglers that just don’t have a damn ‘clue’ what happened at all during the last 8 years of that con artist.




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