America needs to get over these academics who sit in their little cubicles with books stacked high around them…..thinking, thinking, and more thinking, about what’s wrong with everyone, everything, and the entire world.  These so-called philosophers need to be cast off from having anything at all to do with politics, or else we’ll be back where we were with Barack Obama, or Barry the intellect from Harvard who thought he was smarter than all of us.  Turns out he was, because he conned the people, he conned everyone into believing he was a leader, and we all know he was no leader….never was a leader and had no proof of ever having any experience of being one.  Yet we were conned…..not me, I didn’t vote for that crud, I’ll rephrase that to THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR HIM WERE CONNED.

So here comes great scholar and anarchist Noam Chomsky today, 88 years old, having great wisdom about life, love, marriage, family, children……WAIT….no, probably not, because when comparing Trump’s children to Chomsky’s children, it does look like Trump wins.  I couldn’t find Chomsky’s son Harry anywhere, but I did find one person by that name playing poker on Twitter…could it be?

Oh, who cares anyhow.  I think people are past listening to these academic bullshitters.  What have they DONE, I mean actually DONE in their lives, other than give speeches, tell everyone else how stupid they are for not believing in THEM, and then producing f**ked up kids who smoke dope and live off their parents wealth, or they teach their children to do the same damn shit they did….hate America, give speeches about hating America and on and on and on.


Academic intelligence offers virtually no preparation for the turmoil—or opportunity life’s vicissitudes bring.

I’ll post the vicissitudes meme so you don’t have to look it up—I had to look it up.

Fuck Noam Chomsky, if you look up his Wiki page you’ll say the same thing; just another POS who hates America, finds fault with this country, our veterans, our patriotism, and all else.


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