So much talk about the great awakening that America is experiencing right now.  I get it… you get it?  If you don’t get it I’d suggest you start reading more.  Yeah, I know it is hard reading on the internet when there is so much gobbledygook, so much weasel words, so much B.S., and then you have to figure out for yourself whether it’s real or not.  Well, guess what…..that is the state of the world today so get used to it my friends.  There is simply no way to know what truth is unless you research it yourself.  There is no trust anymore in media.  If you want the truth you must pursue and research it until you personally are satisfied with what you find.

You can say what you want about Donald Trump, our President, but I will say this…

THANK GOD he woke up the people.  Thank God the silent majority is now awake and aware of what the hell is going on in this corrupt government of ours, the corrupt world, and corrupt people who WE THE PEOPLE placed in positions of power and trust…..THANK GOD we are not sitting here dealing with Hillary Clinton and her heinous family of psychopaths.  Thank God is all I can say.

I haven’t written much lately.  Waiting for my mood to change this fall.  Cooler weather cures everything for me.

Staying VIGILANT is all you can do at this point because the war that’s going on in America is most definitely a WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.

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