Did you ever have your mind blown completely? I mean something that happens that just fits right in with what you’re doing right at that time period?  Just happened to me on Twitter.  I was fighting my normal every day battle against TWITTER CENSORSHIP when I decided to formulate a tweet and leave it with JACK DORSEY’S MOTHER Marcia Dorsey.  I mean, she’s about the same age as me, I figure maybe she can talk to her kid JACK…..he’s the founder of Twitter.

I’ll talk about the censorship issue later, for now I want to talk about what just happened to me that smacked me right in the face.  Of course the Dorsey family is from St. Louis, but I never expected to encounter this….

As I was reading Marcia Dorsey’s Twitter page I saw her conversing with a man named Cliff Bogaty from St. Louis.  I said to myself ‘no, that can’t be’, but yes I knew it WAS, it was the son of a man named Dan Bogaty who had terrorized and bullied me for two years on Amazon.  I knew this because at the time he bullied and terrorized me I did my homework on the guy, pretty much knew where he lived and looked up his entire family—-why? Because I wanted his terror/bully campaign to be known, and yes I notified the police in St. Louis, sent them documents on the bullying.  I also notified Amazon because this guy not only bullied me half to death, he had a massive crowd of what they call ‘sock puppets’, people who were assigned by him to sign up for an Amazon account just to post nasty reviews for my book.  This terror went on for two years—–I KID YOU NOT.  Now, most people just leave their ugly book review and go.  In this case, since I am an outspoken woman, and of course my husband was involved too, I kept coming back at him every time I got attacked.  This VERIFIED for me that most liberals are BULLIES, their preaching about tolerance and diversity is BULLSHIT.  They are bullshit.  They will do anything from bullying to criminal behavior to get their way—-and I’ll just insert this right now….

WHEN HILLARY CLINTON GOES TO PRISON everyone will be made aware of what CRIMINALS they all are.

So here is the link to the Amazon book review page where DAN BOGATY bullied and terrorized me for two long years. Also, let me add that many self-published authors got bullied on Amazon, back in 2012 it was rampant, writers were being intimated and Amazon did nothing about it.  I don’t know the status of their review policies today because I haven’t even looked at the reviews in years, hopefully they fixed the problem of the DAN BOGATY terror predators….


Dan Bogaty is a very sick man, I feel very badly for his son Cliff.  I do.  I feel sorry for all whacked out liberals with their causes, their whining, their morose lives—-they’re all unhappy people in my opinion, and I will place my HATRED PHILOSOPHY meme right here because when you really think about VILE VICIOUS HATRED like Dan Bogaty had for me, a Pittsburgh wife and mother who just wrote a little book about a time in her life that was horrifying……I mean, think about that.  I wrote a book to the best of my ability just to TELL THE STORY so that MAYBE the murder might get solved—-and DAN BOGATY the predator BULLY took it upon himself to completely terrorize me for two years.  My husband was seriously thinking about getting on a plane, flying to St. Louis and punching this fucker in his face.  I had much anxiety over this incident, this filthy man and what he did to me over a goddamn book review, it was something I will NEVER forget.

I’m not going to talk much about TWITTER BULLIES because if you’re reading this you probably already know all about it.  I will continue to push THE PRESIDENT to regulate all SILICON VALLEY social media business owners, it’s the only way they’re going to WAKE UP from their nightmare of bullying their customers to death, and limiting free speech.


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