I began on Twitter in 2012 after I self-published my book.  You know, the one that took years to write because of all the back story research involved.

Anyhow, I merged and networked with the author and book community for quite a few years until it got so tiresome I switched over to politics, world views, personal views, politics and more politics.  Yes, Trump was my main inspiration to switch to tweeting about the ‘cold anger’ of Americans.

Now that our man is President and we’re satisfied that we have someone we can trust in the White House, I continue to tweet on subject matter near and dear to me….human stories.  Stories of why people are who they are, why they do what they do.  I love the stories, and I believe when you reach out and LISTEN, like President Trump is doing right now, you find out that most Americans all desire the same things….basically, really they do.  They want jobs, prosperity and happiness, lower taxes and peace of mind in their own domains.

 Onto the subject of Twitter.

I am going to write some stuff that I wish someone else had written for me when I was new to Twitter, because when you’re new it’s confusing sometimes.

Unless you start from the very beginning monitoring WHO you follow on Twitter, you’ll end with an endless clusterfuck of gobbledygook NOTHING.

You’ll also end up with a meaningless account with no substance, spammers and idiots.

Don’t abuse others by adding their names to LISTS.  Lists are completely meaningless, no one reads them, and no one cares for them.  When I see people adding others to LISTS I immediately know they’re beginners who’ve been hooked in by some app program or follow program, blah, blah…

None of it means anything.  And don’t use apps either, it will get your shut down by Twitter for spam, because inevitably something bad happens with that garbage.  You don’t need it if you’re going to actually WORK your Twitter account.

Now, if you’re not going to methodically work your Twitter account for the BETTER and for whatever PURPOSE you’re aspiring to, then go right  ahead and goof off.

Just don’t follow me;-)

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