Like I said, I’ve been on Twitter with the same account since 2012.  The first years of Twitter were fun and exciting, and it was good entertainment for waking up with your morning coffee and bagel.

After reading everything you’re going to read for the day, you’d jump on Twitter and see who was stirring.  I swear no one watches tv mainstream media news anymore….I know I don’t.

I get my news from Drudge or Twitter.  Both these sources actually HAVE the news faster than tv, so it’s common sense that more and more people are relying on them for what’s breaking.

Twitter’s decline started during election season when politics was raging, people were losing their minds, and anarchists were burning down cities….2016 was obviously a tipping point for Twitter.  At one point they started changing their algorithms, and I shouldn’t say that’s a fact, because I do not KNOW if it is, but I do know that it seemed like they did.  Pages started strobing, numbers on my account started declining even though there was no reason for it, and my Tweets were not reaching my followers.  So many strange things happened, and it worked itself into a frenzy as time went by during the primaries.

In August I got spammed by DM (direct message) by someone using an APP.  The APP went wild and put out huge amounts of SPAM by DM and it also traveled through LISTS that people were re-tweeting.  I got accused of spamming, Twitter locked me down.  I was innocent.

But I learned from this experience.  I no longer bother with anyone who uses APPS of any kind, and from what I’ve heard, sometimes these APPS end up taking over your account anyhow.

I am still sitting on the same numbers that have not moved by even ONE number since August.

And Twitter sends me emails constantly asking me to buy ads.

Oh, that’s RICH, isn’t it?

As a former business owner of multiple businesses through the years, I have a hard time understanding ANY company that treats their potential customers like Twitter has treated me.

And whining is not my thing, so I’m done talking about this, and I’m done talking to Twitter too. They  have to fix their own problems or learn the hard way like everyone else.

I mean, I watched more than a few people actually establish new careers on Twitter during the insanity of the Presidential election, and it all happened on Twitter, and that’s a good thing….a damn good thing.  I always love it when I see people creating, learning, building, finding new careers for themselves—-it’s awesome.  Who wouldn’t be happy for that?  Only some low life.


It appears that they’ve purged hundreds of thousands of accounts.  I’ve read the blogs and articles that people are publishing about how Twitter shadow blocked them, took away their followers, and on and on and on….

Today I feel like Twitter is being run by the Dalai Lama, peace love and joy ONLY.

I’ve seen notices that hint at Twitter not wanting ANY accounts that actually have any controversy whatsoever.  They don’t want arguments, they don’t want disagreements—-political correctness rules.

Twitter is trying my nerves, and it makes me sad because it used to be FUN.

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