I had to sit down and write something because my brain was smoking hot on fire today listening to people disparage our President Trump, who deserves a huge medal by the way for his first 100 days in my opinion.


America is awake, thank GOD for that.

I doubt that Americans who voted for Donald Trump will ever allow another activist Communist like Obama to be slipped into our government by the progressive left—-NEVER.

The other field of work we can’t have in the White House anymore are lawyers.  Dear God, these career politicians are all FAILED lawyers who couldn’t achieve anything in the real world of the private sector.

Go do your research and see about the Clintons and others who study law, but then can’t pass the Bar or end up losing their licenses for ETHICS offenses.  In other words, these second rate lawyers are just that, second rate, and why should WE THE PEOPLE foot the bill for these losers?

I have often thought that our military men should have most of the important positions in government, just for the fact that they are DISCIPLINED, courageous, virtuous, and filled with superior LOVE for America, enough to lay down their life for her.  I don’t need no stinkin’ law degreed loser in American government…..I’m sick of it, and so are most Americans.

I don’t know any politicians who would do the same, do you?

And on the subject of brilliance, some move their support over to Professors.  Come on, these book dwellers are just that, book dwellers who rarely leave the comfy surroundings of their campus.  Yet, they seem to want to tell everyone how to live, what to believe in, and oh wait……HOW SMART THEY ARE, and how they KNOW better than you.  BULLSHIT.

Obama pimped America, and pimped it good.

He knows what he did, he planned it that way.

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