I think most people with common sense look at situations and try to imagine THEMSELVES in that situation and how they personally would handle it, versus the actual person who is calling themselves the victim or whatever.

I’ve read what’s available on Wendy Walsh and it isn’t much.  Seems to me that Wendy may have had a rough life, having never married the black guy who she had the children to.  Yeah, I get it.

She’s giving RELATIONSHIP advice… now that part puzzles me.  No way I feel she’s qualified to give advice on that topic since she currently IS NOT IN a relationship and it seems her last one failed miserably….but oh well.  So Bill O’Reilly gives her a spot on his TV show, just like he gave MEGYN KELLY a spot there long ago.  What I’m getting at is that these ungrateful women are simply that—-UNGRATEFUL.  Hell, if that was me I’d be doing everything in my power to build up my reputation of trust with Bill.  I mean after all, he is the STAR….none of the women he ‘features’ as opinion givers on his show are stars.  Some are stars after they’ve been there awhile and have acquired fans, but again, ALL FROM BILL’S show.  What I see in these women is ENTITLEMENT.

Instead I should be seeing GRATEFULNESS in that Bill O’Reilly has spent decades building his show and his brand, and he’s willing to allow YOU to come on the show and display YOUR talent on HIS show….am I right?  Common sense says YES I am.

Or maybe I just view things differently because as a single mother back in the late 70’s I built my own brand in a business that was dominated by men, no women were brave enough to get involved in it due to the danger, the rumors of mafia, biker gangs, crime and punishment.  But I did it anyhow.

So how does a woman enter into a man’s world in business and create success?  Same as anything else, hard work, better competition, better pay, better business model, etc., etc.,….doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, the same hard and fast rules apply to building it.



Ok, so you want to hear MY story now.  I’ll tell it one of these days, but it seems like so long ago sometimes; only my closest friends know it—–sooner or later I’ll tell it, when it’s relevant for current wisdom.

So back to Ms. Wendy Walsh.  Listening to her tell her ‘supposed’ story of Bill O’Reilly I am very doubtful anything she initiates will hold up in court, but I am not an attorney, so this is all OPINION.

She mentioned something about after the ‘ordeal’ she made many attempts to contact Bill but nothing worked…..well YEAH Wendy, at that point he smelled trouble and got away from you as fast as he could.  I’m sure he’s learned from his other experiences in the past that ONE RED FLAG and I’M GONE BABY GONE…..I mean wouldn’t you be gone?  He’s worth millions like Trump.  Men like that learn about women who are looking for CASH settlements, and once they do, the first sign of anything ODD and they’re spooked.  I get that.

There are millions of libturds out there who HATE Bill O’Reilly, same crowd that hates Donald Trump, and they’ll jump on any band wagon that’s going in the direction of slandering these men—-I find it disgusting and desperate that people like this have time to sit around making comments and having opinions about O’Reilly and Trump, but personally haven’t achieved much in their own lives.


Liberals seem to always be the culprits…..doesn’t it seem that way?

My hubs always has good wisdom on these matters of MEN.  I remember what he said about Megyn Kelly:

“Megyn was great when she first opened her show on FOX.  Obviously someone got to her with some B.S. asking her to hit Trump with that opening comment in the first primary debate, and Megyn thought it would boost her popularity.  It didn’t work out that way, it worked opposite.  From that point on she was suddenly different, so probably the REAL Megyn came out, people didn’t like it”

And from there, all downhill for Ms. Megyn.  That ungratefulness and ENTITLEMENT was so plain as day.  No one was falling for it.

So that’s where I’m at with Wendy Walsh.

Honestly Wendy, if I were you I’d drop it.  Bill O’Reilly may never trust you again in your life, but he does know a lot of important people.  You know, burning bridges like BillO is stupid in my book, really STUPID.  All this ‘gender’ crap is bullshit, it means nothing.  YES, IT’S A MAN’S WORLD.  Women should learn to ‘handle’ men as best they can—-my perfect model for that would be SHIRLEY SCHMIDT played by Candice Bergen on BOSTON LEGAL.  Women would be wise to watch some of those episodes of how Shirley BRILLIANTLY ‘handles’ all the male lawyers in her law firm, especially the worst predator of all DENNY CRANE, and she does it with absolute FINESSE and womanly wisdom.

ADVICE TO ALL WOMEN IN BUSINESS: Learn how to handle men, they’re here to stay ladies.  Learn to love them, appreciate them, and gain their trust.  You’ll be appreciated for it.



 And please stop saying Bill O’Reilly is a sexual predator when all he did was DECLINE knowing you.  Furthermore, as you continue with your frivolous lawsuit you may suddenly realize that your bigtime feminist lawyer only wants her money, she’s poured from the same mold as her mother.  This is not about women’s rights, this is about MONEY, always remember that.

You can look at this any way you want…..the way I see it, you’re biting the hand that tried to feed you, and once you do, no MALE in any high position will welcome you as an employee—-I KNOW I WOULDN’T.

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