Yes I have, and more than a few times in my life.  Hubs laughs at this stuff, so sometimes I’m hesitant to talk of it, but truly, I do believe in good and evil, and I believe evil is a powerful force on this earth.

The story I am about to tell happened at a time in our lives when we had much strife and worry, so I’m not dismissing the fact that ‘maybe’ the darkness had something to do with what we surrounded ourselves with at that time.

Don’t know, I am not a psychologist.

Also, first I will mention that my ‘one little book’ that I wrote, I wrote from a haunting memory of pure evil, a fright that hung onto me for decades.  When I finally convinced myself to write the book, the fright was still there, it was pure evil…..the fear and fright of pure evil people.  I knew someone who was completely evil had murdered someone I knew and walked away callously.  I spoke to many authors of books on the same subject before I started writing, and I was shocked at how some writers think it’s ‘fun’ to speak of evil.  I have never thought of evil as fun, there lies the difference in personalities and spiritual presence in a person.

Anyhow, so I’ve had these feelings quite a few times in my life, always associated with meeting someone for the first time, or having something flash before my face while observing a person or situation.

The scene is a bonfire with many people standing around having some beers and enjoying the cool night air.

I was getting ready to turn and say something to a woman who was standing behind me, but when I turned and faced her, a demonic face jumped out of her eyes so fiercely that it knocked me off balance and I almost fell over a lawn chair.

No, I was not drunk or high.  I probably had one beer.

Instinctively I backed up so quickly I almost fell.

It was an experience I will not forget.  Yes, there have been others, but this one very powerful one is the one I chose to tell because it was unforgettable.

Some people don’t believe in good or evil, and that’s their prerogative in life.

Once you have lived a profound experience of pure evil, it changes you forever.  It makes a believer out of you, it makes you pray, and it brings you closer to God in many, many ways.

So, in closing I’ll just ask a stupid question….


 If you enjoy spiritually motivated stories, read my book, you’ll enjoy it.



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