I first encountered Father Corapi while channel surfing one evening back in 2006.  It was a time of chaos in our lives for our small business, and I hadn’t planned on being inspired one way or another.

It was a warm summer evening, a thunder storm was brewing and the winds were starting to bend the huge oak trees on our property.  I knew something was coming, but without seeing any lightening, I simply kept of watching the TV.

The entire scene was getting spooky.

I had never even heard of the EWTN network, the Catholic channel on cable TV…as I was surfing I landed on a priest who was weirdly talking about demons.  Demons?  Of course I’d been away from the Catholic Church for decades, so maybe this was new I thought to myself.

Having had nine years of Catholic education I knew that talk of demons was not possible.  We had been warned many times by the nuns to not speak of such things, and not to ever think of playing around with black magic or the occult.  So I had to stop and listen to this priest named Father Corapi.

I was captivated by what he was saying—-he spoke of angels and demons.  I couldn’t believe my ears, and I was fascinated with his powerful voice, his amazing faith….he spoke of God’s mercy like he knew it personally.  This priest had me hooked.

I looked him up on the internet the next day and from there I returned to the Church, heart and soul.

I believe Father Corapi has given up the Priesthood, but I’m actually not sure because there are so many rumors and stories on the internet that it’s hard to tell what’s happened to him.

I do know that people everywhere online are begging him to return to the Church due to the horrible things that are currently going on, but whether he has or not I do not know.

Here is a link to his wonderful conversion story, which is a shocker

You will be INSPIRED by this story…


And this is interesting, I pulled this comment off a blog and it feels like truth to me:

People wonder why he didn’t want to live in community with homicidal homosexuals? Don’t let that get in the way of anyone’s character assassination. It’s amazing how alleged “trads” become as emotionally stupid and illogical as the most foolish of neo-Catholics when they decide they want to pile on the ruination of someone’s name. It’s as evil as anything I’ve witnessed. The proof of the diabolic aspect is the fact that BECAUSE I don’t pile on and tow the line, then I’m the one who is attacked next.

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