12 quart stock pot

Beef bones from the butcher shop (best selection and price)

A jar of Wyler’s beef bouillon cubes

A packet of Lipton BEEFY ONION soup mix (they come two in a box, you only need one)

Carrots, celery, leaks, and some super thin Chinese noodles (best to buy at Asian grocery)

EXTRAS—-you can always throw in some greens if you like, raw spinach, mustard greens, etc, just steam them, add them to your bowl of soup when serving


7 pounds of various beef bones and soup meat (marrow bones, knuckle bones, oxtails are good….I use 5 pounds of bones and about 2 pounds of soup meat—you must have the soup meat for the really beefy flavor and without the meat it’s boring soup)…..talk to your butcher, he’ll know!

4-5 carrots chopped small

3-4 stalks of celery chopped small

3-4 leaks chopped small (this gives the soup body, and unlike potatoes, leaks are very hard and don’t mush-up)

1 packet of Lipton’s BEEFY ONION soup mix

1 jar of Wyler’s beef bouillon cubes (I use the entire jar, but you should add six at a time towards the end of the simmering process, then do your taste testing)…..I like big beef flavor

Extra thin Chinese noodles, just add to the final soup as you serve it, they only take a minute to cook. These noodles come in a package and are bunched up into clumps, so you just throw in a few clumps and when you serve your soup, fish out the noodles into the bowls.  I do not put in extra noodles, rather just what you’re serving at one time, the rest of the bone broth I freeze in containers for another time)

Wash the beef bones in the sink under tepid water, then place in soup pot.  Medium high heat on the stove until simmering starts.  During simmering start skimming off the frothy scum from the bones with a spoon.  You might have to do this a few times until the froth stops coming to the top.

After the froth stops and you’ve skimmed it all off, add your veggies and your onion soup mix.

Then turn the pot down to low-simmer.  I simmer for about 8 hours, some people simmer longer.  The longer the better I suppose….

After simmering is done add your Wyler’s beef bouillon cubes.  Like I said, I use the entire jar.

Remove the bones, throw in your Chinese noodles…..again, just the amount you need for one or two bowls of soup.  These noodles are done in one minute, no boiling needed.

Freeze the broth in individual containers.


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