It may have escaped you, but the biggest problem in America today are dopers and addicts.  Not only are they the biggest problem, but they are the biggest DANGER because they have filtered themselves into every segment of society, including the ‘professional’ teacher, the professional doctor, the professional airline pilot, on and on and on…..

Dopers and addicts will deny to the death that they have any problems, and if you’ve ever had any dealings at all with this segment, you will understand what I’m saying…


And guess what?  I am old enough now to not only have experienced them throughout my life, but also to have had many close lifelong friends go down the shitter due to alcohol, drugs, and/or mental illness CAUSED by alcohol and drugs.  So don’t lecture me, I’ve seen it all…..ALL OF IT.

I was inspired to write this from the other day when a report flashed on the news that a local school had experienced children becoming very sick from ingesting THC-laced Gummy candies—–WHAT?  Yes, you heard me, THC Gummy candies made their way into a school with young children….this literally nauseated me.  No wonder people are now home-schooling their children, one of many reasons I’d say.

Government run public schools are simply not safe anymore, start reading!  And guess what….doesn’t really matter what income level you speak of because I also know children of the best schools in Pittsburgh, wealthy suburban areas, where dope, heroin has taken over.  Imagine your child dying of an overdose of Heroin or Opioids and you never had a CLUE what happened and why because you were not paying attention to the CRISIS.


Yet with all this danger and death from dope, our politicians still push for legalization of drugs like pot.  I am not opposed to medical pot, but we’ll sit back and see how that works out because we already know that it’s going to be abused by dope dealers trying to make a dime off of it……we know it will.

WE KNOW IT WILL.  Most of the politicians that are pushing for it are probably high daily on some illegal substance…..we know that too…..DOPERS LOVE DOPE AND OTHER DOPERS.

The huge CONSPIRACY over Barack Hussein Obama was all about protecting dopers like him.  I often envisioned him hiding out in the White House basement with his crack pipe.  The media protected him because they are dopers too, many have admitted publicly they dope-up daily….no one cares because there are too many dopers in America today TO CARE, they are all protecting each other and their preferred methods of DOPING.

Often when I find people I went to grade school with, grew up with, I am shocked to find out they’ve been doping-up all their lives, through their pregnancies, through their careers, through their entire lives until now when they’re entering retirement.  I am no longer shocked though because it seems they are ALL dopers, no matter who I run into they’re doping themselves up with something, every single day.

Counselors are doping, law enforcement is doping, medical professionals are doping, and if you think I’m exaggerating about this—I CERTAINLY AM NOT.

Now the women are doping during pregnancy, that subject you can read about anywhere, it’s becoming more and more prevalent every day.


Solutions—–I can only think of one and that is everyone must be drug tested before being employed, especially professionals like doctors, nurses, etc.  I personally have experienced a friend who was a nurse who was found dead with a Fentanyl patch in her mouth.  That’s just one story….


As I speak of this crisis in America, I can only say that DONALD J. TRUMP is the best thing that’s happened to America in a very long time.  He’s not only STRAIGHT and clear-minded, but he’s raised all his children to hate drugs and dope…..the man is a good man, all the while the dopers on the LEFT try to place him the same category as Barack Obama who was a doper all his life, and probably STILL IS.

Trump knows where the dope is coming from and he’s going to stop it with THE WALL.



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