About Me

My father was an entrepreneur.  In the late 60’s he met Jilbere Rasschaert from Belgium, who arrived here in the U.S. to launch a beauty supply company featuring an unheard of product called the Capilustro curling iron.  No one was using a curling iron back then, and no one had ever heard of it either.

My father partnered up with Jilbere and put up the money they needed to launch this curling iron.  At that time the Capilustro curling iron was for professional hairdressers only.  The first irons went into the Kaufmann’s Department Store beauty salons around the Pittsburgh area, but they were soon to expand the product line into ‘home use’ curling irons and opened mall kiosks that were elegant and custom built for the demonstration of these curling irons to the public.

Sales were phenomenal and they couldn’t get the product quick enough from Belgium as they sat in customs for too long and there were too many regulations and complications.

Funny how that same problem exists today in the year 2017.

I managed the kiosk operations at all the tri-state malls for retail sales, and employees until the company got bought out.

The 70’s brought more professional sales experience with the Food Service industry and a local meat packing plant called North Side Packing, owned by a local entrepreneur named Bob Hofmann.

I was a manufacturer’s rep whose territory was Pa., Ohio and W. Virginia…

I have a link to the story which is quite interesting, as eventually this company had a product that McDonalds wanted…. http://old.post-gazette.com/obituaries/20021108hofmannobitp5.asp

To prevent this from getting too lengthy I will not go through my entire history as an entrepreneur and business owner, only to say that from 1983 until 2006 I’ve owned and operated four different businesses, all of which I ‘bootstrapped’ with my own money.  The last of which was a mall chain of clothing stores with about 50 employees.

Hubs built the first store, designed it himself and built it out from a white-box, which in mall terms means empty unit.


I’ve decided to insert this because I’m very proud of it.  I had thought it was lost forever because when our Cybertainment Inc. business ended, it didn’t end on a good note.  The partners were battling, attorneys were involved, and hubs and I were both eager to move on.

Recently though, I’ve been conversing with one of our x-partners Dan Klein from Pittsburgh, and he informed me that he still had old files from our business venture of 1995 on the internet.

My first business was Blondie and Company Entertainment, a booking agency for exotic dancers on the east coast, mainly Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, night clubs and private parties.

In 1995 with the help of two other partners we developed an internet business, which at that time was considered the ‘adult’ industry.  Today it would be considered MILD compared to what exists today.  The show business part of the industry was what mostly interested me back then, we produced the first male and female revue shows in the country, and booked them internationally.

So here it is, my invention, which was at that time period of 1995 considered to be cutting edge…..do not laugh….it was considered cutting edge technology at that time for the internet.  Digital greeting cards that were created in a photographic studio by multiple images.  There was no video back then.

Myself, hubs, and two other partners, a webmaster designer, and a CMU computer geek who wrote code, built this website and the business prospered, along with other adult websites, none of which were porn…..I’ve never been involved in porn, only glamour models and dancers.  It was an entirely different world back in the 90’s compared to today, and I was personally very sad to see the adult industry progress into what it is today……crap.

We were one of the first companies to offer digital greeting cards, there weren’t many at that time, so again, we were cutting edge for 1995.